Hara Farms

Hara Farms, a pioneer in Agroforesty in northern India.

Surindar Singh Hara, owner and passionate farmer has been growing trees as crops for the wood industry since the mid 1980's.  In 1946 Surindar came to Haryana to clear and prepare a wild jungle into what is now known as Hara Farms.  His dedication paid off throughout the years.  The Reserve Bank of India recognized this young farmer in 1968 and he was nominated to the Board of Directors of the then private bank, The Oriental Bank of Commerce to organize an Agriculture Lending Program.  In the 1970 - 80's he was working internationally with the World Bank and F.A.O. (United Nations) as their Agriculture Consultant throughout the Middle East and parts of Africa.    Throughout the years many other Government Organizations requested him to sit on a variety of boards and share his knowledge. In the mid 1980's Surindar & Bharat Sher Singh Kalsia planted the first fields of poplars trees.  The rest, as they say, is history but what an incredible history it has been changing the tree coverage area of the small state of Haryana from 3% to 8%.  Changing the agriculture income of even small farmers as well the huge employment opportunities that has cropped up due to the large amount of timber processing factories that have sprung up over the past 20 plus years and this industry has become the largest industry in the district of Yamuna Nagar.                                            The late Dr. Norman Borlaug (father of the Green Revolution) with Surindar Singh Hara                                                 speaking with the press during his visit to Hara Farms.  A great honor for Hara Farms